Kopiko (Brown Coffee)

Seriously i am not a coffee lover, eversince i seldom drink coffee aside from its side effects. To much caffeine can cause the following side effects:

  •  nervousness
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • headache
  • increased heart rate

Despite from those side effects, still many people loves to drink coffee. My dad used to drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day.  We have tried different brands of coffee before, until such Kopiko came in. I think that was 3-4 years ago? not exactly as i remember though. Commonly sold from a sari-sari store is Kopiko black coffee.

Fact about Kopiko:

Kopiko is an endemic species of the coffee family. It is a small upright tree that occurs in mesic to wet forest of Hawaii. This species is very variable in its morphology and habitat preferences and in instances could grow to heights of up to 20 feet.
It is distinguished by its symmetrical, dark green colour, with distinct veins, inversely egg-shaped leathery leaves with well-defined leaf stalks.

Now, they have a new type of coffee product Kopiko Brown Coffee. Taste even better and smells good. When you pour one sachet’s contents into a 150cc cup of hot water and stir, you can feel the smell of aroma and the taste of a caramel that soothes within your mouth.

Just for you to know the ingredients of this coffee includes the following:

Sugar, Non dairy creamer(Glucose syrup solid, Hydrogenated palm kernel oil, Sodium caseinate, Stabilizer E340, Emulsifier E471, Free flowing agent E551, Beta carotene E160a), Instant coffee, Brown sugar, Milk flavor.

Talking about the price, its quite affordable and its very cheap. 1(one) 25g sachet is only P6.00 pesos.

Lami na, enjoy ka pa, relaxing pa jud kaau. Murag karun adik nko ug kape hehe.


About improudlycebuano

An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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13 Responses to Kopiko (Brown Coffee)

  1. I am researching about kopiko because i was drinking and now i am afraid, i am palpitating. I regularly drink coffee, usually nescafe, but i am new to copiko, i think its a string coffee. but i really love the smell and taste..

    • I think Kopiko is just a mild coffee isn’t it? And it think it depends on how high caffeine content that makes us palpitating.

      Eversince i’ve tried Kopiko, never had any complaints at all. And yes it tastes good and smells good.

    • J Besonia says:

      Same here. It has different effects on me. Sometimes I get clarity, like I’m so aware of what’s happening and what I am doing. Sometimes I get headache and palpitate too.

      I think it has something to do with its caffeine?

      I like drinking Kopiko Brown though. It’s way delicious than Nescafe.

  2. kopiconsumer says:

    i really love to drink coffee, i tried different brands and even changed to only one brand the “kopiko brown”. i start my day with a cup of coffee brown and another cup in the afternoon. this morning i missed 1 cup because of something i found inside the kopiko brown sachet. it’s a piece of paper partly torn out of about 1″x1″ i think its from ingredients they used that accidentally included into packing. it’s like a bar code with bars and numbers written on it and a name i think it’s a flavors name. i look for an e-mail on the pack for comments or suggestion. i hope this won’t happen again.

  3. BEn says:

    I like this stuff…A big fan of Kopiko products here…

  4. Jenny says:

    hi, pwede ko ask special price kung dagan orderon? taga cebu man ko… gusto ko try inyo kopiko chocolate…
    pls. reply

  5. Matthias says:

    Great info. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

  6. ruby says:

    What is the amount of caffeine in weight basis in kopiko brown coffee? I’m just wondering because whenever I drink I could feel my hand/body shaking….

  7. janrick zsa macarayan says:

    The kopiko brown coffee isn’t taste good its like an choco batok ni gege

  8. ma cecilia almogino says:

    coffee drinker ako since i was in high school…until now moderation n lng ang pg ino ko until i found the richness and goodness of kopiko brown..ang sarap talaga at walng acidity kng mararamdaman..khit s abroad nung nasa london ako nagbaon ako talaga nito at maging employer ko nasarapan at nabangihan s kopiko brown..sna magkaron p ito ng maraming flavors tulad ng caramel at iba p..salamat s manufacturer nito kc nkaka uplift ng mood lalo n pg mg start k ng work s umaga….enjoy dring mga kaibigan…

  9. ilang mg of caffeine ang content ng kopiko brown?

  10. Arief says:

    i would like to ask about the ingredient, Is Emulsifier E471 contain animal Fat which is PIG?

  11. san-san says:

    When I drink kopiko, I usually have palpitation. I feel quite dizzy and i feel so uneasy.

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