Fasthosts Family

My Fasthosts Family, I’ve been to this team way back 2009 and these guys are great. I’m one of the pioneers of the team when 1and1(were im currently working) open this as their account. I was recommended and encourage by my supervisor on my previous team Dtactics to apply for the account. Me, at some point it was a challenge since when i was still at 1and1 support. We never used to be like a callcenter environment were there is AHT, CSAT etc. So i think of it many times before i joined the team.


At first im still quite hesitant and nervous because, im afraid “what if” the account will flop? what will happen to me? Its a big trouble. Inspite of hesitation, still I think positive and pursue my application. So I took the exam and waited for the results. The management will only get the top 10 agents whoever will pass the exam and will be train for the support. When the results has been dissiminated to the applicants, i failed. I was very disappointed that I fail my supervisor’s expectation, he really have trusted me that i can make it. When he knew the results, i was top 11.

After a week, the pioneers has started their training, that was monday and i was off from work. I never knew that one has backout from the training. Until the nextday when i reported to the office, our Shift Manager called my attention and talk to me. Surprisingly, he told me that i will be replacing one of the pioneers who back-off from training. So right then and there, he sent me home and make that day as my restday. The next morning is the 2nd day of training and that was the 1st day i joined the pioneers.

So it all started from there that im officially one of the pioneers of Fasthosts Cebu and my new journey begins with full of challenge and surprises. After the training, we had a fixed schedule which starts at 4am and end up until 1am the next day. I had so much fun while working with my new team and now its been like a year has passed. It was like yesterday we had our trainings and now we are already 1 year and yet alive and kicking. Though at first, alot of struggles we have been through but its quite manageable and carry on.

I really wanted to thank you all for giving me this nice opportunity for nurturing my knowledge and enhance my techy skills, to become a part of the Fasthosts family. Im so happy and honored for the opportunity that they have given me. Without you, i will never be able to go far from where i stand.

This i will treasure and my experience as a Technical Support Advisor would be a big impact to my career growth. The tenureship and learnings that i’ve been with 1and1 for almost 4 years is priceless.

Being a part of a prestigious company is such a great honor.


About improudlycebuano

An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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1 Response to Fasthosts Family

  1. Kraye Osiris says:

    I am enjoying reading all your posts. Keep it up! You have a bright future ahead 🙂

    Keep on rocking! \m/

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