Have you ever been scammed through text?

Today at this very point received a text message from someone named Atty. Jonathan B. Corpos of “D’Auditor of Philippine Charity Foundation” saying:

(Congrats)!Ur SIMcard# won Php.800,000. 2nd prize winner draw last night. To claim ur prize, pls call me now! I’m Atty. JONATHAN B. CORPOS,/from.D’Auditor of Phil’s Charity Foundation)Per DTI#5247serof2010.

So, why is this text obviously a scam?

  1. It uses a “normal” number. “Legitimate SMS promos will always course through telecommunication companies’ short codes, 3- or 4-digit numbers provided by the carrier, not the usual mobile number format (eg: 905-700-4388).”
  2. The copy needs some work. Honestly, would you take a text message coming from “D’AUTHORS of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION” seriously?
  3. You never entered such a promo. Think about it: how can you win something that you’ve never participated in?
  4. Lack of claiming instructions. Valid announcements of winners will always featured detailed instructions on how to claim the prize, and not just simple instructions to call so-and-so.

No matter how tempting, we should never give in to the temptations offered by text scams. Unless you want to accidentally give out personal information that can be exploited.


About improudlycebuano

An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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17 Responses to Text Scam: D’Auditor of PHIL’S CHARITY FOUNDATION

  1. James says:

    Just received same text message from 09351138847: (Congrats)!Ur SIMcard#won Php780,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m ATTY. JAMES B FLORES.,Per DTI#5247series of 2012. Just ignored it and search it on the web para mashare and warn others. Ty

  2. george says:

    Just received same text message from 09058162910: (Congrats)!Ur SIMcard#won Php780,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m ATTY. RUSSEL B MERANDA./from.D’Auditor of Phil’s Charity Foundation) ,Per DTI#5247series of 2012.

  3. Anthony says:

    A Certain Atty. Ramon C. Reyes from Phils. Charity Foundation, DTI#1344,s 2012… texted me also stating that I won 2nd prize amounting to P780,000 plus laptop. When I asked about the procedure, he wanted me to disclose my full name, address and other contact numbers…..Certainly, its bogus since the alleged lawyer could not even express himself in full English…..:hahahaha!!!

  4. bhoy says:

    just recieve same text from from 09262268930 (congrats_ ur Sim #won php 780,000 2nd prize winner last oct 31 2012.To claim ur prize pls. call me now i!m Atty. lea Acosta of PCF and Atty. Tetangco 0916979625 muntik na aq. mabiktima. buti nalang c lord laging nasa tabi q. kundi nasayang ang 900.00 php q. kala q 22o nung bandang huli umamin din cla. at puro Bisaya.yung mga nakausap q. At donate daw ni manny Paquio.

  5. Joyann says:

    Congrats! Ur Sim# Won Php. 780,000.00 plus 1laptop 2nd prize pls Call Me, Now, I’m Atty. Allan C. Lopez. Auditor Of Phils, Charity Foundation DTI #1344,s 2012. (Mssg copied exactly frm my cp)
    Rcvd. Dec 11, 2012 12:45PM From: +639062781156

  6. Rey says:

    Just received same text message this morning from 09125862685 Atty Russel B, Meranda Php 780k. Luma na itong paraan pero bka may maniniwala kawawa naman,

  7. Dolly says:

    “Ma.am,&,Sir.(from.D’auditor) Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. You are the lucky owner of mobile# @nd winner Php880,000,00. To claim. call me now! Atty.Ruzzel b. Meranda DTI-NCR-Permit #3556.” This was the exact text I received yesterday from +639302198485. I immediately look for his name from the Central Bank of Philippines list of officers. It wasn’t there! Then I knew It was a scam! Atty. Ruzzel? if ur a lawyer, u’re a lier! Do you believe in “Karma?”Kababayan, ingat lang…

  8. chona saycon says:

    thanks for this information. i always receive this kind of mssg. minsan i wonder totoo kya ito. buti na lang may ntrnet at makita natin ang reality nito

  9. Elyn Javillo says:

    Just now i recieve that kind of message and i call that person, i found out that his only using the charity. Buti nalang nagsearch agad ako sa inernet na maramig manloloko.

  10. nate says:

    3 years na ako nakakareceive ng same txt msg iniiba lng nila ung number at contact person. sa mga scammers ganito n lng txt nyo ok! “congratz u won the missing pork barrel money’ plz call me Mr.Enrile to claim ur price” or “Congratz ur meralco bill has been paid by the Senators” plz call Mr. Revilla for approval”

  11. sheryll says:

    hay naku ang mga tao nga naman gagawin ang lahat para makapangloko lang. buti na lang may ntrnet at makita natin ang reality nito…

  12. cute eyes says:

    waaaa ,,, alam u guys muntik n rin tlga ako maloko nila buti nlang b4 ko ipapadala ang pera ng search muna ako dito sa internet at sa dami ng ngcocomment eto pla ay isang scam… I REALLY THANK GOD ginabayan nya ako… halos maipadala ko na tom ang perang hininhingi nila for the cable charge ng perang npanalunan ko rw…. huhuhuh…. buti nlng me internet tlga at d pa ako nging TANGA!!!!!…..

  13. rhea abad says:


    ang tanga talaga…ndi muna akuh na search sa internet…naniwala aku agad..
    nag ka utang utang tuloy aku.. ng pera…BWISIT CLA!!!!!!!! HUHUHU…SHIT!!!!

  14. may na recieved dn ako txt ganyan din.. sent by Sec. Noel A. Mendez, Auditor Of Phils, Charity Foundation… muntik na ako naloko… sakanya nalang 200 pesos ko. pakain sa tuta niya…
    charge to experience nalang.. salamat dito nabasa ko. He want 3,500 for transaction… dito na ako nag duda kasi dapat charge na nila yun. ang winner walang binbayaran…

  15. joy says:

    Congrat’s ur sim# had won (Php780 000) from: PCF/ BSP to claim call me now Im Atty.Robert B.Yap#09363323545 Humingi pa load 150 BUTI NA LANG NAG SEARCH AKO SA GOOGLE dami ko na nilapitan wala ko mautangan sabi magbigay daw ako ng 3,300 wala na nga kami pera eh ganito pa aaaaaaaaayhh buhay shit..!!!!

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