Alicia Tower Residences

Moving away is a big hassle, but if its on the right spot you need, where there is a good access to your work place, Malls, Spa, Resto, coffee shops and many more, then it is very convenient to settle down at one place.  Traveling costs you alot than saving wisely right?, Especially if its a cozy place where all you need is there and top priority is the security of the place and for your belongings is indeed one of your considerations. Alicia Tower Residences located at Banilad, Cebu City. Its actually a dormitory type 8 story building with twin share and single rooms available also a bedspacer is available.  Air-conditioned rooms are available, each floor level has its own cable TV for everybody.  It has its own cafeteria, guest lounge, laundry shop study hall and mini mart.  Has a high level of security with photo ID access needed when you go in and out of the premises.

Above is a picture of their guest lounge where visitors can relax while waiting for their love ones. Basically, visitors are only allowed to stay at the Guest Lounge for security of the residents. Visiting hours is at 8am-12mn daily.

The Study Hall, where students and residents can study quitely without any disturbance and be able to concentrate of what they needed to do. Of course, silence is strictly implemented. This is open 24/7 to all Alicia Tower residents.

One of the Bathrooms of Alicia Tower Residences.

If you question about the cleanliness of the place, need not to worry, daily cleaning service is doing their jobs to keeps the dormitory neat, clean and presentable. So stay and feel comfortable at Alicia Tower Residences, a home away from home!

Alicia Tower is a dormitory type with affordable room rates:

P 1,500 – 4 pax – with fan – common T&B
P 2,000 – 4 pax – w/o fan – personal T&B
P 3,000 – 4 pax – with aircon – common T&B
P 5000 – 7,000 – 1 person – common t&b and fan only

P 12000 – single room private t&b with aircon

The tower is a earthquake proof and fire proof. The building is designed well ventilated rooms and comfortable double deck bed with matresses. Steel cabinets available for each for your belongings.

Alicia Tower Residences
Gov. Mariano Cuenco Ave. Banilad Cebu City Cebu Philippines View Map

Phone: +63(32)3469418


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An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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75 Responses to Alicia Tower Residences

  1. Jay says:

    do you have any photos of alicia tower residences?

    • Hi there sorry for the late response, actually ang room rates depende:

      for non aircon good for 4 person per room its P1500/head

      for non aircon with own cr 4 person per room its P2000/head

      for aircon rooms 4 person per room its P3000/head

      • Jin Kyong says:

        1500 for each person ?? sa isa ka tao 1500 ?? kahit mag sama sa room?? so for 4 persons 6000 lahat ???

      • NIl says:

        endorse kay ha…pilay talent fee nato dha

      • Emerita Barrientos says:

        i was looking at your prices on top…(next to the toilet/bath picture) P3,000 – 4 pax with aircon-common T/B….just want to clarify, is the room worth P3,000 good for 4 person to stay ? ……… or P3,000 per head of the 4 people staying in one room? which means a room cost P12,000…?

        your posting of prices is quite confusing..

      • Marybeth Sy says:

        gud eve. may vacant po kayo one room with aircon good for one person only? pls reply how much po?

      • gea says:

        asked lang ko kung ang 3000 nga room with aircon and personal T & B na po bah xa?

  2. lynfe marie serania says:

    hallo,maam and sir,ask lang ko pila monthly rate a month ?

  3. Dianne Yu says:

    If it’s not too troublesome, can you post the photos of the rooms?Thank you 😀

  4. leah pedria says:

    Do they have available for like 2-3days occupancy only for about 20-30 people? Reason for this is, they are only coming to Cebu to attend a wedding. Thank you!

  5. donnie bitoon says:

    How difficult is the public transportation from Alicia to IT Park? I find the 13C jeepneys always full and vacant taxis a rarity in that area.

    • Thats not the least option to ride, me myself i work same place you are working. so i take an alternative route, which is riding habal2x beside country mall going to IT park, though it may cost you a little much for P25-30 pesos.

  6. kelly says:

    do u happen to accept transient lodgers? like per night lang ? how much?

  7. J says:

    magkano rate/night nila? i’ll be there by august kasi. 5 days ako magstay there.

  8. Marz says:

    is there a curfew? no visitors allowed? what are the disadvantages and advantages of this dorm?

    • No curfew, visitors are only up to 12mn but they are only allowed to stay at the visitors lounge

      * 24/7 security, 100% safe, all your necessity needs can be bought inside the building premises:
      * canteen
      * laundry shop
      * internet cafe
      * convenience store

  9. PGV says:

    can i ask for their contact number? if u dont mind 🙂

  10. angeli says:

    Do u have some contact numbers where i can call?

  11. Kevin Castañeda says:

    Do you have any contact number that i could use to call them and ask questions? And how much would it cost if i just wanted a room for my own?

  12. i have posted the number on the post, just kindly scroll down.. thanks

  13. krystyl says:

    how about the electricity???and water??is it for free???

  14. Susanne Kohl says:

    do you have an e-mailadress where I can mail to.
    Please mail it to me.
    Thank you.
    Susanne Kohl

  15. paolo ascano says:

    I will be staying for a month there in cebu oct 9 to nov 9… magkano yung 1 month? kung ako lang mag isa magkano? I’m looking kasi sa ok sa budget ko… text me please 09205664076

    • Tol, since this is a dormitory type, most rooms here is bedspacer talaga. So ung per head is P1500 if you stay for 1 month. I would suggest if you contact them directly, number is posted on the site..

  16. dexel says:

    hi,, pwede magpareserve? I’ll be going to cebu ds coming oct. 9,2011 for our training in mhr healthcare. pls contact me kng pwede? 09289504293.tnx much

  17. paolo ascano says:

    1 month deposit lang? or my advance pa?

  18. reanjael447 says:

    may slot pa ba sa tag 1500 for 2 person na mag occupy? im interested of staying there.

  19. yan says:

    nganong wlai electric fan ang 2k????den ang tag 1.500 is naa??

  20. melanie says:

    5k room lang?

  21. Mai says:

    mag ask lang ko kung walking distance lang ba ang alicia towers to UC Banilad?

  22. Jen says:

    Tag 1500 lang ghapon ang pinaka barato for bedspacer?

  23. leyneth benitez says:

    i would like to inquire the latest room rates? i would like to let my daughter stay in ur dormitory. she’s gonna be enroll this coming school year. hope to hear u the soonest!!


  24. a says:

    is wifi possible?

  25. Alicia Tower Residences says:

    @improudlycebuano, great to check what you have here!thanks much.. :

  26. mind changing the rate from 5000 to 7000 that’s room for one, common t&b and fan only while single room private t&b with aircon is 12000/month.


    here’s another website about Alicia Tower Residences

    Actual rates are lesser that Php 500.00 than the rates listed on this site…all your queries can be answered through this site by Alicia Tower Residences’ staff..thanks much

  27. Hi guys, Sorry ill update this site soon. Im currently very busy at work.. ill keep you guys posted.

    thanks ever so much.. God Bless You All

  28. roge says:

    is there a room that is good for 2 people? a couple, specifically.

  29. art says:

    gdpm.. i would like to ask the latest rate for 10paks male room per head?

  30. how much is your charge per day…were having a vacation in cebu this coming september 6-11 we are 12 pax can you accommodate us as per day basis

  31. Yam says:

    I called earlier in your office but a guard answered me to call back around twenty minutes because the receptionist is very busy, I’m so disappointed with your telephone number 346-9418 and 256 2143 almost an hour ko cge tawag nobody cares to answer.

  32. Weng says:

    Alicia is one of a kind. I would just like to commend the convenience that we experienced when we were there for relocation package. Very Nice place, accommodating, “Mahangin”, very clean and most ofthe facilities were good. For those who are still looking a place to stay …ALICIA is recommendable.

    If asking why we transferred to another place t’was because “GABUDGET meh”..We’re working in IT park and we wanted na mag hiking nalang….But anyways…Alicia is best!..

  33. malyn says:

    hey guys!! lapit ba kayo sa asian college of technology?? pls reply soon. .

  34. Isis says:

    are there still vacant rooms? I am very interested. can u post a picture of a 4 bed spacer room. I’d like to know how I can manage to put my personal belongings without causing hassle to other bed spacers. Tnx.

  35. Alexander says:

    Hello friends, its enormous article concerning educationand entirely explained, keep it up all
    the time.

  36. Dan Kade says:

    May available rooms pa kaya?

  37. Dan says:

    Another question boss, may cabinets ba ang mga rooms nila? Sa mga picture kasi hindi full view ang room eh. Thanks.

  38. velvet says:

    Gud am,ask lng unta ko f naa pa available katu lng tg 1500 per month? ?. Do u accept both male and female? And f mu rent 1 month advance ug 1 month deposit? Pwedi 1 month advance lng?

  39. Johnrey A. says:

    Gusto ko lang i’clarify. Kanang P1,500 ky per month na? Or per day?
    Tapos, pilay distance ana going to IT Park?
    Thank you.

  40. yan says:

    I’m one of the boarder of Alicia towers, front desk has an attitude problem, liar and is misinforming me as a customer because of my security deposit for an extra person that they say will be used next month, please inform ur manager, the front desk name is Rose ann..,they will show u a nice room but they will be providing you a dusty room afterwards which is actually an insult to our part.VERY BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE to be honest.

  41. yan villamor says:

    The refund status is for 2 weeks by check?my check out date was last july 13, 2013 its been 2 weeks right?My god i paid using cash!!!and i have to wait again for another 2 weeks??what is this a kind of joke?? you guys dont even update me of what happened to my refund?u dont even informed me when we check in that the refund is going to be in check and beside u can issue a refund by check right away. this is soo frustrating!! CAN I HAVE A CELLPHONE NUMBER OF ALICIA TOWERS because to be honest this is really not good.

  42. Are you familiar of Alicia Tangob?

  43. bmfservices says:

    hi, available pa inyu 1,500/month nga room and free water and electricity na ni?

  44. Stefan Richard Zosa says:

    Hello. Im looking for a room good for 2 pax only. With T&B. No need for any AC. How much will it cost please? Thank you

  45. lei says:

    Hi, what time po ung check in and out time sa transient room.

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