Mountain View

This was taken at the very top of Mountain View somewhere in Busay. It was a foggy morning and its so nice to see fogs sorrounds you. Its like you have touched the clouds and reached the heaven. Its a nice feeling up there, you really can’t explain. The air is so cold, good thing i brought my jacket with me.

One of my favorites and i will never forget this, so sad to think that these people on the picture were my teamates and they have taken a new path of their career. Well as we know, people are just come and go so you can’t stop them from going. Just cherish the moments you had with them atleast once in your life, you have experienced the most wonderful part of the year.

The other thing that make this photo special, this was the time that i was diagnosed having a weak lungs and im so weak to the point that people would even notice me looking pale and exhausted. And i am so thankful that these guys have cheered me up and fight for my condition. I did and they always enculcating my mind that this is just a part of God’s trials and i just have to be strong to surpass the test.

Now, am very much ok and recovered for 6 months of medication, i am fully healthy and thanks in a million who never left me the times when i was down and depressed. Thank you for the support financial and moral. I’ve learn something from them, never give up for anything. As long as you can still take the pain, try to resist and fight for your survival. We only have one life to live so make the most of it.

In the picture me wearing green, Hannah wearing stripes, Jhane wearing darkblue jacket, Anne wearing Yellow, and Rhow at back of Anne jumping up high.


About improudlycebuano

An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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