Its enormous!

I never thought there so much to look forward this month. Have to save up some dough and tighten my belt with expenses. Been invited by friends to their respective wedding dates. Yes, wedding invitations, My Fasthosts teamate Jiggy will take his vow to her bride on 8th of January. My college classmate Matthew will marrying her lovely girlfriend on the 17th(wish i could cover up my hangover after sinulog :p). My previous teamate from Dtactics team, Bong will be marrying her chinita girlfriend on 22nd of this month(his gf is my college friend/classmate as well) but unfortunately, i can’t be there on his wedding since i’ll be going to Manila on the 21st until the 24th.

My cousin Pidong will be back home from Dubai on the 13th. My aunt Margie and Rhorie will be home on the 15th, with my cousin who got married with a german husband, Arlene. Its a celebration and at the same time a reunion. They have planned to celebrate the 80th Birthday of my GrandPa this coming 20th. It’s gonna be a big event since they are inviting our relatives from Liloan(can’t imagine how many are they, for sure our house is going to blast off).

Sinulog is one of the main event to look forward, so it would be a busy day for me. Planning to put up a booth and offer henna services ahaha have contacted some artists to render their service.

On the 21st – 24th i will be in Manila to visit my aunt Ruby and cousins. Just to unwind myself from a stressful work environment. A moment to make myself treated and relax. I have plotted my Vacation Leave since i have not been able to make use of it, so now is the time hehe. Its gonna be a big day, when i get there, Kuya Jon promised he will take me to Tagaytay and Baguio. Well, never been there so im kinda excited. If i could have extra time, im going to treat myself to Ocean Park, Enchanted Kingdom and Star City(fingerscrossed). Hope my dough is enough for my luxury haha.


About improudlycebuano

An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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