Summer Full of Rains

Its indeed summer but rain falls every now and then. This year’s summer is totally diffrent from the past years. It feel so different where-in normally we expect the total heat temperature that hovers all over the country. Yet, its opposite, wherein the cold breeze and raindrops covers the entire place and wet the grass.

Some says, its the climate that changes as time passby. It feels so awkward, going to the beach and enjoy the heat of the sun and eventually it pours. Its also awkward as the climate changes, sickness that usually occurs during rainy season is felt during summer. It’s a wrong timing!

It would be ok if the body can eventually adjust the weather, but the fact it is not đŸ˜¦

It would be best if people could take precautions and always be prepared. Always take your vitamins to fight against sickness and keep your immune healthy and away from diseases.


About improudlycebuano

An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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