Chikaan sa Cebu!

Chikaan sa Cebu!

One thing about Cebu at its best is to eat native tradition dishes like Monggo Soup, Crispy pata, rellenong talong etc. will surely make your tummy full and with its best satisfaction tasting menus that surely you’ll always going to dropby and eat again at Chikaan sa Cebu!

I’ve eaten lots of filipino cuisine here in Cebu, but there’s only one resto that i’ve always come back to eat that surely captured my taste.

The first time I ate at Chikaan sa Cebu was with a close friend of mine, REX. The ambiance is cool and cozy, though you have to be patient sometimes due to more customers come here everyday to eat so surely your meal will be at few minutes to prepare, but thats ok as long as we can eat, it doesnt matter. What matter’s most is the food and i just can’t resist eating them hahaha.

We ordered their bestseller Monggo Soup and practically unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea is a great deal. Budget wise? hmmm its affordable no doubt even student could afford. No wonder why lots and lots of people cameby to eat at Chikaan sa Cebu as its satisfaction guarranteed and surely you’re going to come back and dine in.

I once brought my two brothers with me and dined in and they said, Kuya! lamia lagi ilang pagkaon sah?. I just nodd and smile, sign that i agree with them. My mom went here as well with my cousin who is now living in germany,they definitely love the food and everything.

Next time, ill come by and eat again.


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