Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

Addicted to Doughnuts?

So much! Im loving it!

The first time i’ve tasted this Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was when i had my 4 days vacation and i went to Manila with my bestfriend Rex. We were at the MOA(Mall of Asia) at that point were we spotted the stall and no hesitations we get inside and choose our favourite doughnuts and buy.

It was when we are bound going home to Cebu and we just dropped by to SM MOA and stroll around while waiting for our flight. I suggest to Rex that to bring the doughnuts back home as a sort of Pasalubong together with the Strawberries we bought for just 50pesos somewhere in alabang. I told to myself, how cheap? when if you bought it in Cebu it will cost you hunders per 100grams. Well anyway so much to that strawberry thing, I told to myself that i can’t wait and control myself to take a bite of Krispy Kreme. So delicious that you go crazy eating it all out and empty the box hahaha.

The only thing about this doughnuts is its very sweet that you could’ve eat it all out without a water, it dries up my throat hahaha
Well, i have heard and oh i’ve seen streamers along SM Northwing Cebu that they are soon to open Krispy Kreme branch here in Cebu and im looking forward to that and cant wait to taste the popular doughnut brand in the US. Soon ill buy more boxes to satisfy my lust hahaha.. just kidding.


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