Rest in peace Yue Yue

May you rest in peace little angel

The little girl bathe in her own blood in the middle of road after she was run over twice by vehicles. The little girl couldn’t make it herself to get off the road and was waiting for someone to help her, but was ignored by 18 people. She was there lying for seven minutes bleeding and crashed, unable to move and in severe pain. According to the heroine named Chen Xiaomei, she was asked by the media, if the girl has any reactions when she pulled her to lay side of the street, she said that ‘the girl one eye open and the other eyes closed’, she said. Xiaomei walked around to find the girl’s parents but couldn’t find them. She said ‘there was a child there bleeding and the nose’ and no one has showed up to claim her. She was even questioned, when she helped the little, if she was not afraid at any trouble would cause like scam of lawsuit. She said, ‘I didn’t think of that stuff, I wasn’t thinking about anything, all im wanting was to help her.’

Heroine of Yue Yue, Chen Xiaomei, is a cook employed in a small company in China.

Warning: Graphic Content

Yue Yue at the hospital after the incident.

Fighting for her life: couldn’t breathe on her own, she is now brain dead and in life support

In Pain: unconscious little girl, and suffering from major accident and trauma

The case easily scattered across the globe how furious it is and immoral modern society dare to watch the girl dying and bleeding. This puts the world into anger for unmerciful people don’t even care for other’s life.

Yue Yue’s death quickly the most talked about topic on the internet worldwide.

Hoping by the little angel’s death being discarded by the society, this could be the wake-up call to all the nations to uplift the importance of moral values and education.

May the little angel rest in peace in God’s place ‘Heaven’.


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An Information Management graduate of Asian College of Technology and a Customer Care Specialist at Dreamscape Networks Inc. It has been my past time to do blogging to share my thoughts and learning experiences to all of you. Thankful for every blessings that i received everyday to the Lord our God.
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1 Response to Rest in peace Yue Yue

  1. Chinese people should hang their heads in shame all the people who walked by that critically injured child cant call themselves human i could’nt leave an animal lying there injured shame on you all.

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